New for #Election2016: U.S. Government

We’ve added some great new presidential-election year elements to our program U.S. Government: An Interactive Approach.  Updates include explanations of developments in voting rights and restrictions and campaign finance.

For example, there’s a new map in Chapter 7: Campaigns and Voting called “Recent Changes in Voting Rights,” which discusses how voting rights and restrictions vary at the state level.

Political map of US showing recent voting legislation by state.
Political map of US showing recent voting legislation by state.

We’ve also updated the chapter overview with a new section on “Campaign Finance Since BRCA.” The update comes complete with additional study questions; chronology entries on Supreme Court cases such as McConnell, Citizens United, and McCutcheon; as well as glossary terms explaining concepts such as “dark money.”

In addition to the election-related updates, we’ve also added more information about government involvement in the economy:

  • Tutorial: Functions of the Federal Reserve
  • Case Study: U.S. Economic Policies: Costs and Benefits
  • Art: Command/Market Continuum

BulbgraphOnOffGive students who have advanced through the material the challenge of a tutorial: a series of image and document-based questions leading to an essay.

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