Phases of the Moon

Ever look on a calendar and see these weird little circles on dates? One is completely filled in, one is completely empty, and two are half-filled, but with different halves being filled/not filled. April 13 marks the first quarter of a new moon, meaning it was dark and now it’s getting brighter (waxing) on the way to becoming a full moon. It’s also the left side filled/right side empty symbol on your calendar, which shows what the part of the moon that’s visible to us here on earth looks like. The third quarter is when the moon is waning, or getting darker.

Those symbols denote the phases of the moon, something humans have been keeping track of for millennia.

animation of moon photos showing it moving through different phases.
Lunar libration with phase, Oct. 2007. Animation created by Wikimedia Commons user: Tomruen

Explore some of the reasons and ways that humans have kept track of the moon’s appearance in WorldView Software’s World History A.  For example, read about the world’s most famous pre-Druidic and Druidic temple in Art Gallery: England – Stonehenge.  Or make the practical link between the basic scientific research of astronomical observations and the development of tidal charts for fishing and shipping in the Tutorial: Ancient Chinese Science, Technology, and Mathematics.

Helping students make the connections between STEM subjects and social studies can strengthen their interest in both.

BulbgraphOnOffClicking on “Questions for Thought” in the overview brings up questions to focus poor readers on the section’s content.

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