Data Dive: Update on World Indicators

Are you using data in your class to investigate the world?   One excellent source of data, the World Bank’s Databank, has just re-vamped their interface.  To find out what they’ve done, click the image to go to their video:

screen capture of what's new video
The Databank’s interface has changed.

Some highlights:

  1. Two main panels: one for variable selection/editing, one for preview
  2. Variables can be filtered
  3. Standard visualizations can be created within Databank

You can save and share your reports online, and you can also export your data to work with it in other programs.  For a more in-depth video tutorial on how to use Databank, click here.

Explore the datasets, then take a turn at creating charts, graphs, tables, or maps with them.  For tips on how to create effective data visualizations, see the tutorials Data Visualizations: Charts, Graphs, and Tables, Data Visualizations: Maps, and Data Visualizations: Use and Misuse. (All WorldView programs have these tutorials.)

BulbgraphOnOffUse the Resource filter to see all the program’s materials grouped by type; great for students who need to practice a particular skill.

Preview WorldView Software’s programs for free at company logo

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Dr. Annelies Kamran is V.P. for Content and Product Development at WorldView Software, Inc.

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