image capture from french terrorism explainer

Explaining Terrorism, Revisited

This brochure (pdf) was created in response to the Paris attacks, and is aimed at explaining terrorism to younger children. However, it provides another resource for older students as well. After reviewing the Case Study: Modern Terrorism, which appears in both WorldView Software’s World History B and U.S. Government, use the brochure to discuss the response/reaction.

Some ideas for integration into other areas:

  • have students taking French translate the brochure
  • have students not taking French translate it using a machine translator program (use more than one program and compare results)
  • compare the machine to the human translations
  • critique the artwork: age-level appropriate? symbolism? etc.
  • have students design a brochure for older students/adults — what should be included?

Have more ideas? Let us know in the comments.

BulbgraphOnOffUse the answers to the “Questions for Thought” in the overview as a note-taking guided exercise.

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Dr. Annelies Kamran is V.P. for Content and Product Development at WorldView Software, Inc.

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