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Using Software for Home-Schooling in Social Studies

There’s a bewildering amount of software out there, especially if you’re home-schooling your child (or children) in social studies — how can you decide what’s best for your needs?

First, you should look at what your state requires students to learn.  These state standards can be found on the state department of education websites, and all publishers work to correlate their products and programs with these standards.  The correlations indicate whether or not a particular standard is covered in the program, and in how much depth.  For all WorldView products, just go to our website, select the product you want to use, and then choose the state from the drop-down menu to see the correlation for that product.

Next, take a look at our curriculum guides to get a start on how you would plan your curriculum: what you want to cover, when, and how.  Once you have an idea of the scope and sequence of your curriculum, check out the program and see how you would incorporate specific activities and assessments.

Homeschool users have free access to lesson plans for each type of activity, blueprints for planning the day.  These lesson plans were developed by experienced teachers, with well-defined learning and behavioral objectives that can be measured.  They also give alternatives for students who are having trouble with the material, as well as for those who have breezed through and want more challenging work.

[Featured image is “Mother and daughter in kitchen” by Jason Kasper from Harrisburg, USA – Modified version of 100_4456. Licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0 via Wikimedia Commons]

BulbgraphOnOffWhen assigning students an internet project, remind them they can refer to the “Internet Research Primer” tutorial for help.

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Dr. Annelies Kamran is V.P. for Content and Product Development at WorldView Software, Inc.

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