Designing Educational Software, part 10

We hope you enjoyed this tour through the process of our creative development.

To re-cap, the process of redesigning software for a different delivery system had us considering many different issues, from form to function. The program design process went through several steps: a thorough grounding in the principles of good web design and the construction of several product-use scenarios led us to prioritize certain design features over others. Next came the creation of storyboards and mockups to more completely model the software’s behavior, and the writing of technical design specifications based on these for the programmers and graphic designers. Once the program was complete, we then turned our attention to the management system that gives users access to the program and to their stored data, and gives administrators access to user progress data. The management system was also configured to be able to run different types of reports to track and aggregate user progress data.  The outcome is a truly interactive and customizable educational program.

However, that’s not the end of the story!  Educational software design is a dynamic process, and we welcome teacher input about what works and what would be helpful.  We are currently working on several reporting functions that have been requested: a Targeted Progress Report, allowing teachers to aggregate all the individual Progress Tracker data for a class for a single assignment; and a Complete Progress Report, allowing teachers to aggregate all the individual Progress Tracker data for all of the class’s assignments.

What elements of WorldView work best in your class? What tweaks or features would make your job easier?  Let us know!

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Dr. Annelies Kamran is V.P. for Content and Product Development at WorldView Software, Inc.

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