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Eleanor Roosevelt on Education

By learning, of course, I mean a great deal more than so-called formal education.  Nobody can learn all he needs to know.  Education provides the necessary tools, equipment by which we learn how to learn.  The object of all our education and all the development which is a part of education is to give every one of us an instrument which we can use to acquire information at any time we need it.

— Eleanor Roosevelt, in You Learn By Living (New York: Harper & Brothers Publishers, 1960)

[The featured image is a detail from the official White House portrait of Anna Eleanor Roosevelt by Douglas Chandor, 1949.]

An organization called Women on 20s has recently begun a campaign to get a woman on the twenty dollar bill.  For more information about the short list of candidates they propose (and yes, Eleanor Roosevelt is one of them) or to vote for your favorite, click here.  Turn it into a classroom exercise by asking your students what they think of the list.  Should people be featured on currency? Is it right to replace Andrew Jackson? Would they prefer to replace someone else? Is there anyone not on the list that they think should be? What are their reasons for their favorite candidates?  And so on.

UPDATE: The winner of the contest to replace Andrew Jackson was Harriet Tubman, who is best known for her work guiding escaped slaves to freedom on the Underground Railroad.

UPDATE 06/18/2015: The Treasury Department has decided to change the $10, not the $20 (featuring Alexander Hamilton, the first Secretary of the Treasury, and AFAIK the only person on our currency who actually had anything to do with finance).  See their site for contest details.

UPDATE 04/20/2016:  Treasury Secretary Jack Lew will announce that Alexander Hamilton will remain on the front of the $10 bill, Politico reported.  Former President Andrew Jackson, now on the $20 bill, will also be replaced with Harriet Tubman.

BulbgraphOnOffFactual questions test recall — use them to check students’ grasp of the material.

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