Black History Month Resources

Black History Month isn’t over yet, so here’s a quick roundup of some excellent national websites.  And we think you’ll want to use these resources year-round:

The Library of Congress has incredible materials available online like this oral history interview with Evans Derrell Hopkins To find this and other related materials, use the search term “black history month”.

The U.S. National Archives and Records Administration also has great materials and they’ve created a Historypin account — “Images, video, and audio “pinned” to Google Maps and layered onto Street View to “witness” the past in the present.” Start here:!tours/all/ and explore events such as the March on Washington.  NARA’s tours are great, and you can use them to spark the imagination for a class project that could really embed your students in the historical context they’re studying.

The National Education Association has a great collection of lesson plans and activities organized by grade here:

And a great way to introduce your students to local black history is to see what archival resources are on offer at local colleges and universities. Some regional examples:

(The featured image is Shirley Chisholm, a congresswoman from New York and the first black woman to run for president of the United States.)

BulbgraphOnOffUse social media such as Instagram to document student’s finished projects.

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